Venture (2020)

Venture is an anime series set at an international tech startup in Tokyo, where Japanese and foreign staff go through their day-to-day lives working on engineering and business challenges as a small team. The pilot episode has won awards and official selections in the following international film festivals: ・ KINNO (Russia) - Winner (Queen Category) ・ Indie Short Fest (Burbank/Hollywood, USA) - Nominated for Best Web Series/TV Pilot, Best Animation Short, and Best Sound Design ・ IndieX Film Fest (Burbank/Hollywood, USA) - Nominated for Best Animation Short ・ Independent Shorts Awards (Burbank/Hollywood, USA) - Honourable Mention for Best Web Series/TV Pilot ・ Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Czech Republic) - Honourable Mention for Best Animation ・ Couch Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) - Finalist ・ Košice International Monthly Film Festival (Slovakia) - Finalist ・ Lift-off Showcase: Online Extravaganza (Slough, UK) (Online) - Official Selection ・ Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival (Russia) - Official Selection
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Moon (2019)

Moon is a short film based on Natsume Soseki’s famous line, "The moon is beautiful". It was an official selection at 2019 Mt. Fuji-Atami Film Festival and 2019 Tokyo Lift-off Online Film Festival.
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Brighter (2018)

Brighter is a short film based on Paramore’s 2005 song of the same title. Aside from being a form of artistic expression, this short film is also a research project on improving the efficiency without sacrificing the quality and feel of traditional, frame by frame Japanese animation using 3d modeling guides, motion capture, and deep learning (AI) libraries.
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We Have to Grow Up (2017)

We Have to Grow Up is a short film about gracefully surrendering the things of youth. It was my first attempt to release a complete short animated film.
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Karton (Cardboard Box)
A short film produced by Revery Films about the harsh realities of modern Philippine society.
Actor (Main Character)
Bonifacio and the Freak Show
A musical about a different take on the history of Andres Bonifacio, a Philippine national hero, from the perspective of local mythical creatures.
Actor (Main Character)
Overheard@UP Short Films
A series of short films produced by Revery Films which consist of adaptations of popular posts from the University Facebook group, Overheard at UP, which is a community for sharing fascinating and interesting sights and sounds from the University of the Philippines.